Another Great 8 Catahoula Hound Puppies born 2015 September 26


These Catahoula pups were born a Saturday evening 9/26/2015. Once again, we had to dig these pups out of a dirt den. 🙂

Our eldest daughter upside down trying to crawl into the den to get puppies out at a few days old.  She still couldn’t reach all the way in and had to have a “rake” to drag them towards her.  🙂  The rest of us were too claustrophobic to get in there.  Click on any picture to get a closer look and scroll back and forth.

 Lacey and Hawkshaw had another great eight just like the last litter of “den puppies”.

Here is a link to video update of pups at 4 weeks.
Catahoula Hound pups at 4 weeks old

Individual photos below.  Video Updates at bottom.

The Boys

ADOPTED (family in Massachusetts)
– Mr. Red

This is a red tri male.
Check out his big brother, Boon, at nearly a year old.

ADOPTED (repeat family in Utah)
– Spot

This is a dilute blue leopard male.

The Girls

ADOPTED (Arizona)
–  Belle

This darling little girl is a black tri with white.

ADOPTED (family in Massachusetts)
 –  Dreamie

This dilute blue leopard pup with tan (tri) markings looks like silver with spots.

ADOPTED (repeat family in California)
 –  Patch

This dilute blue leopard pup with tan (tri) marking that show up as speckles looks like she has a patch on her eye.

ADOPTED (Christmas Gift in Arizona)
 –  Fuzzy

This dark dilute blue leopard pup look has even dark spots too.  She fuzzy now, but likely mature our like sire Hawkshaw with smooth coat but longer them dam very short coat.

ADOPTED (Christmas Gift in Pennsylvania)
 –  Butterscotch

This red dilute leopard pup with cream interlaced.  She will also likely be like sire with medium smooth haired coat.

ADOPTED (Christmas Gift in Virginia)
 –  Pearl

This black and blue leopard pup with light tan markings seems to be my 3 year old girls favorite.  She will also likely be like sire with medium smooth haired coat.

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Click here for Video playlist of each pup (we woke from napping) taken 11/24/2015

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