Available Pups

We have several beautiful pups full of potential.  This page is to provide link to litter pages with pups available.

Below are Available pups.  Click litter link for details.

Catahoula pup Lacey x Hawkshaw born 11/17/16

Aussie pups Red x Jack born 2/3/2017

Aussie pups Frosty x Jake born 4/10/2017
Aikers, Adana

I support our babies and their adoptive parents for a lifetime.   Got to About-Contact Us link here or in navigation above and fill out contact form (not comment section) to send inquiry.  I do not always get notices of comments, so if wanting a reply, please use the About-Contact Us page. 🙂

Fun & Smiles,
CC Heart Cindy 🙂