Catahoula Hound Puppies born 2015 February 20

The much anticipated litter has arrived.  Once again each beautifully unique.  Sired by Hawkshaw Hawkins our old semi-retired Catahoula hound. Hawkshaw still wants to work, but he is old and we have to make him stay home on the long rides. The Dam, Lacey, is our daughters Catahoula female off a working cattle ranch in Young, AZ.  Every litter is special for us because it could always potentially be our old man’s last litter.  Our kids named all the pups.  Below are pictures of Hawkshaw and Lacey and this new litter.  Pa and Ma are 20″ and 21″ tall and weight 50-60 pounds.  We’ve seen some of their babies outsize them.  This litter finishes out with a precious 7 consisting of 3 Males and 4 Females.


Lets start with the Boys:

RESERVED: M1 Big Boy (Male) below is a patchwork and merle pattern in various shades of red with tri/copper point markings.  Our 18 year old daughter named this one. 🙂  Being named Remington or Remmy for short.

RESERVED: M2 Biggie (Male)  is a spotted mostly dilute colored red male with light tri/copper point markings visible in non-white areas named by my soon to be 6 year old son.  Being named Manchitas (little spots) or Manchasas (big spots). 🙂

RESERVED: M3 Art (Male) is a blue patchwork and merle of various shades of  blue with light tri/copper point markings.  Note the black specks on one of his cheeks.  Boys quickly agreed on Art for a name when the mostly white tail was noticed looking like it had been dipped in paint.  My one day to be famous 12 year old artist said he should be called Reverse Art for painting white on a black canvas. 🙂

Now the Girls:

RESERVED: F1 Metal Girl (Female) is a unique color I don’t know how to describe.  My 5 year old (soon to be six) wanted to call her Metal because she looks like metal.  Check out “Sable Sadey” from Hawkshaw and Lacey’s first litter for an idea of what this girl may turn out.  I haven’t found a description yet to truly describe her coat color.  Metal’s under coat seems darker with a frost highlight.  She definitely has tri/copper points on eyebrows, cheeks and legs.  Being named Mako (may-koe) for her metallic shark like coloring 🙂

RESERVED: F2 Frost (Female) is a shiny light frost color with darker reddish colored smudge marks/blurred spots on her body like getting smeared with oil with light tan/copper point markings.  If this were a horse I would call her Champagne colored.  Like Metal, she has a frost tipped look.

These next two girls are tempting for us to keep though I love Frost and Metal’s colors too!  I would struggle choosing. 🙂  Hubby would like to maintain a line from our old man Hawkshaw and these next two girls have the patterns and unique colors we’d love to continue.

RESERVED: F3 Hearts (Female) is a blue patchwork and merle female with tri/copper points.  Hearts was immediately decided (after considering Valentine) when the dilute blue colored heart shape was quickly noticed on her back.

RESERVED: F4 Cuddles (Female) is a dilute blue/silver spotted pup with faint tri/copper point markings.  My 12 year old son just instantly called her Cuddles so that is what she is being called. 🙂  You can look at Silver & Cream from Hawkshaw and Lacey’s first litter for potential example of this color pattern.

I don’t know how you are going to decide.  Have fun choosing and be sure to contact me when you’ve decided which pup you’d like to reserve and take home to love, work and play.  I see her Papa’s face every time I look at her and just love it.

Fun & Smiles,
CC Heart Cindy 🙂

UPDATE #1 (around 2 weeks old)
Puppy parents excited awaiting updates on their babies.  Eyes are open and all wobbling around upright on four legs.  Every day they get more active.   Expect little balls of fun by 3-4 weeks. 🙂

Click here for Video Playlist of these Puppies around 2 weeks old

UPDATE #2 (around 1 month old)
Click here for Video Playlist of pups at 1 month old

Update #3
(6 weeks and 3 days old)

Each pup is a star with this update with their own 30 seconds in the spotlight.  Enjoy these oh so precious babies!  Click on the puppy’s name for link to YouTube video.

M1 Big Boy aka Remington
M2 Biggie aka ManchitasM3 Reverse Art
F1 Metal Girl aka Mako
F2 Frost
F3 Hearts aka Molly
F4 Cuddles

7 thoughts on “Catahoula Hound Puppies born 2015 February 20”

  1. Wondering if and when there will be another litter of pups? And if you could email me, I have a few more questions about the breed! Thanks

    1. Howdy Masie,

      I wasn’t even trying, Frost called her home to her. She is a surprise (or she was when she got reserved). 🙂 Metal Girl Mako is definitely running around and under foot. Enjoy the videos.

      Fun & Smiles,
      CC Heart Cindy 🙂

  2. Love the pictures.. haven’t picked out an official name as of yet
    do you know the day our baby will be able to come home?

    1. Howdy Juanita,

      How time flies! Babies one month old tomorrow! I look forward to learning “Hearts” new name when you decide on one. Her big heart has misshappened but kids says there is still a little heart on one of her legs. I’ll have to try and get a picture of it. Been a busy last two weeks. Pups will be 8 weeks as of Friday April 17th, 2015. I expect all to be good to go by 7 weeks (April 10th, 2015). We can discuss the specific dates for you “offline”. 🙂

      Fun & Smiles,
      CC Heart Cindy 🙂

    1. Howdy Masie,
      Pictures and video updates up today. They are growing like little weeds just like they should. Have fun watching them grow!
      Fun & Smiles, CC Heart Cindy 🙂

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