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Frosty x Jake ‘nother nine born April 10, 2017

Frosty and Jake have once again produced a beautiful litter of Aussie babies.  Check out their information under Our Aussie Dogs.

We have several beautiful blue merles all with at least one full blue eye and the other partial blue eye.  We have black bis (black with white only) and black tris (black with copper/tri and white markings).  Patiently scroll down to see all 9 beautiful babies.

Click on any of the pictures to see a large view and slideshow and then click X in upper right corner to close and get back.

Click here for video of pups remaining as of July 2nd, 2017

Ladies first

ADOPTED by repeat puppy parent Dana in Arizona
below is beautifully colored blue merle female with copper (tri markings) and white.  Just adorable (which I say when I pick up each one). 🙂

ADOPTED by repeat puppy parent Tracy D, Texas:
Ariel below is another beauty.  She is a blue merle with minimal copper/tri markings(but it is present) with white.  She is the biggest girl in this litter and looks allot like Bessie from the May 13th, 2016 litter.  Bessie matured into a gorgeous girl with those eyeliner eyes and Ariel is starting off even prettier so can only imagine how she’ll mature.

Adana is a black bi female.  Adana means her father’s daughter. A beautiful bi with an presence like her Papa Jake.

ADOPTED by repeat puppy parent Dana in Arizona
is a blue merle with bright copper (tri) markings and white.  She is the smallest of the females but tenacious when she gets a hold of our pant leg.  Our 5 year old girl made up the name for this little girl and the pup she loves to play with  most.

ADOPTED by Donny & Christy, Apache Junction, Arizona, now called Shelby
is another blue merle girl with presence with minimal copper/tri (but they are there) and white markings.

ADOPTED by Aubry and family, Tucson, Arizona
is a beautiful black tri (copper points) with white.  Our 8 year old son chose her name.

Now for the Gentlemen

ADOPTED by Milo in Albuquerque, NM
below is a black with copper/tri and white markings.  He is the heaviest and stoutest of the bunch.  He is regal in his presence and doesn’t call any attention to himself. This boy acts like he would be a one family/one person kind of dog as he shows reservations to strangers and then warms up with exposure.  Adam shows solid working dog traits while playing with his siblings.

ADOPTED by Kayla in New York
is a gorgeous blue merle male with striking cooper & white markings along with beautiful  racoon blue eyes.  Ohhhh so hard not to keep one sometimes.  He seems to be the most outgoing of the bunch.  When the rest are ready to rest he still wants to visit and play. 🙂

Aikers (short for Jakers what we call his Papa Jake sometimes) is a beautiful black bi.  He is the smallest of the males and just adorable.