9 Beautiful Aussie Puppies!

Frosty x Jake Aussie puppies born Friday the 13th May 2016

9 Beautiful Aussie Puppies
born Friday the 13th May 2016

For many years now I have chosen to reverse the superstition about Friday the 13th to be a wonderful blessed day.  This is an example of how blessed the day can be. 🙂

9 Beautiful Aussie Puppies!
9 Beautiful Aussie Puppies!

Click here for VIDEO UPDATE of Aussie Pups available as of 8/24/16

Photos taken 8/24/16 of pups available
Keep on scrolling down for more videos and individuals pups for whole litter.  Someday I’ll find a better way to display all the pictures and videos. 🙂

  Click here: VIDEO UPDATE of Aussie Pups
at about 7 weeks!

 Click here: VIDEO UPDATE of Aussie Pups
at about 9 weeks!

Below are individual pictures of each pup at about 4 weeks and 9 weeks.  Pictures of each pup below their descriptions.  The BOYS will open the door and then the GIRLS will enter.  Just keep on a scrolling to get through all the puppies. 🙂


ADOPTED Raul & family California: M1 Buddy is a beautiful Blue Merle male with definite Tri  markings (Tri is the copper markings on eyebrows, cheeks and legs).  Just beautiful presence and color.  Trying to tell Buddy apart from Blossom in videos?  He has the black spot on his right ear and his black streak more towards his hind legs. 🙂

ADOPTED Cathy in Kansas City: M2 Black Bear is a Black Bi.  He is already mimicking his Papa Jake sitting in the water bowl.  It was HOT!  Expect this boy to be as gorgeous as his sire but likely mellower. 🙂

ADOPTED Laurel in California:  M3 Buck is a Blue Merle Tri male (light tri).  Beautiful unique coloring.  Well sorta.  His sister Bridget seems to be his near twin.  I think I’ve finally figured out telling them apart.  Buck has a dilute spot on this shoulder and less black on his back than Bridget.  Side by side is easier,  Buck is bigger.  Buck is turning out the be the big boy of the bunch weighing 1.2 pounds more than his next heaviest sibling at nearly 7 weeks old.

Now that the little gentlemen have opened the door, here are the GIRLS

ADOPTED Lori from Wyoming: F1 Bridget is a Blue Merle girl with very light Tri.  Yes she looks allot like Buck and I had to go back and forth to make sure I had the right picture.  I had the same trouble when videoing!  I think I got it figured out now.  Bridget has more black on her back and Buck has a dilute spot on his shoulder.

ADOPTED: Lisa G. Arizona  F2 Beta is a Blue Merle girl with Tri.  Lovely girl with unique markings and darker blue.

ADOPTED: Amish Family, Missouri  F3  Bliss is a Blue Merle girl with limited Tri,  Another lovely girl.

ADOPTED: Amish Family, Missouri  F4 Bailey is a Blue Merle girl with definite Tri markings.   Though all show working dog traits, this girl was the early bloomer showing working cow dog traits.  Check out the drama that started while videoing Black Bear and continued on to Bailey. 🙂

ADOPTED: Cathy S., Wisconsin: F5 Bessie is a big Blue Merle girl with Tri but due to brilliant white markings you can only see under her tail that she is a tri.  Pictures don’t do her justice with her beautiful eyeliner eyes.  She has two blue eyes.  At 7 months old she looks more beautiful than ever.

ADOPTED: Matthew R., Illinois  F6 Blossom is a Blue Merle girl with definite Tri and loves to play.  Well they all love to play, she just has a very bright happiness to her while playing.  Trying to tell Blossom apart from Buddy in the videos?  Her black streak is more to the middle of her body, Buddy’s towards his hind legs and Buddy has a black spot near his right ear.  Blossom almost always bidding for attention. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Frosty x Jake Aussie puppies born Friday the 13th May 2016”

  1. You have beautiful pups. Please let me know when you have another litter. I am in TN and am wanting a male merle. Or a tri female. Do breeding right go with your puppies? They are for the farm but we will want to breed also. Thank you.

    1. Howdy, I was updating my dog blog and found your comment. I cannot see where I ever replied. I am expecting puppies from my Jack x Red pair the first week of February 2017. I can add you to my Aussie Notification List if desired. These pups will all be red factored and all color variations possible. Fun & Smiles, CC Heart Cindy 🙂

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