Jake and Frosty’s Perfect 7 Australian Shepherd puppies

Frosty with her Perfect 7 Aussie pups
Frosty with her Perfect 7 Aussie pups

They are beautiful.  On 3/26/2014, Frosty gave birth to a perfect 7.  These perfect Aussie pups are sired by Fairockin CCHeart Jake [ASCA DNA verified parentage/AKC/ASDR registered] and dam is Fairockin Quirts Frosty [ASCA DNA verified parentage/AKC registered]. Jake and Frosty are working dogs used on a real life cattle ranch is wide open ranges.  Jake has decided he is a head dog (probably because raised with the Catahoulas) and Frosty is a strong force from behind.  They are amazing family and work dogs. Below is the status and pictures of each pup:

Don’t see what you want available, please contact to be added to waiting list. New breeding pair being added to family will make reds/red merles a possibility within the next year. 🙂

*FBB aka Daddy’s Girl.  Originally meant to go to South Korea for farm work/family.  She’s has now become a well loved member of our household who really wants a job working the livestock. 🙂
*MBB aka Tuck ADOPTED – Arizona
*FBMT1 aka Queenie  ADOPTED – Arizona
*FBMT2 aka Missy now Piper ADOPTED – Arizona
*FMBT 3 aka Miss Two Face now Esme – ADOPTED – Connecticut
*MBMT1 aka Buddy ADOPTED – Colorado moving to AZ
*MBMT2 aka Mr Clean ADOPTED- Washington for Agility/Family

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Deposits are being taken to reserve.  They will be 8 weeks 5/21/2014.  Check out our “About CC Heart Ranch Australian Shepherds” page for contact form.   I look forward to sharing our family with yours.  Additional photos and videos will come as pups get older.

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Jake and FrostyUPDATES: Added a few more photos (above).  More videos links of puppies at 6 weeks old (added below).

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UPDATES: 5/7/2014 Added a few more photos (above).  More videos links of puppies at 6 weeks old (added below).

Jake and Frosty’s Aussie Pups at Play at 6 weeksAlert icon
Aussie Pups Feeding at 6 weeksAlert icon
Aussie Pups Missy and Tuck “ruff” housing at 6 weeks Video #1 http://youtu.be/f86HK2vYMhA

4/25/2014 More photos added at 4 weeks old!  More video links added below will open in new window (at least on my end they do):

Aussie pups after a bath
Buddy racing to the bar with Queenie, Bar already closed 🙂
Aussie pup Daddys Girl/Miss Jake 2 at play with 5 year old http://youtu.be/vK8hcW3mjZE
Aussie pup Daddys Girl terrorizing sis Missy http://youtu.be/Al7bal6vo5M
Aussie pup Miss Two Face ready to play http://youtu.be/jai7qYzcX88
Aussie pup Miss Two Face on the chase again
Aussie Pups Mr. Clean and Queenie RUFF housing
More RUFF housing with Aussie pups Queenie and Miss Two Face http://youtu.be/3HasWIc0DoQ


6 thoughts on “Jake and Frosty’s Perfect 7 Australian Shepherd puppies”

  1. Hi, I am interested in Mr. Clean. Is he still available? How do I get more details about him?

    Thank you!

    1. Howdy Tiffany,

      Mr. Clean is available. Let me know what more details you are seeking and I’ll work to provide. I just got done weighing all the pups and Mr. Clean is the heaviest of them all. The story behind the name “Mr. Clean”. Our nearly 2 year old daughter had Mr. Clean out to play. I found her with dish soap all over her. I grabbed her up to clean her up only to turn around and see Mr. Clean was well coated with the dish soap too. Unfortunately, our daughter observes well. We had just washed a 3 month old Catahoula pup just 10 days prior and our dear daughter was trying to “wash” MBMT2 now known as Mr. Clean. Mr. Clean got WELL WASHED AND RINSED AND RINSED AND RINSED AND RINSED to get all the soap out. I added conditioner when done concerned about the stripping of all the soap. So he was long clean before the rest of the pups got their first bath yesterday. 🙂 Of course that bath didn’t last long (just like my kids) once they got let back outside again in the dirt to play. 🙂

      Fun & Smiles, CC Heart Cindy 🙂

      1. I love that story about how he got his name. I know in some cases that deaf and blindness occur in merle coloration puppies…does Mr. Clean have either one? How do we meet the puppy? I am trying to find contact information on your blog but cannot seem to locate it.
        Thank you for such a quick response.

        1. Howdy again Tiffany,

          I couldn’t find my contact/about page either. I don’t know where the link went but it is there at trueworkingdogs.wordpress.com/about. Thanks for letting me know. I’ll add a direct link in the blog post. Puppies can be seen at the ranch located in the Tonto National Forest N of Cave Creek/Carefree/Scottsdale, Arizona.

          No formal contract yet. I sent details about deposits and make sure we both have our questions & concerns answered before I accept a deposit.

          No deafness or blindness in any of our puppies. We will guarantee that. It is most likely with Merle on Merle breeding (especially if several generations of Merles on Merles) and pups typically have too much white. If you don’t know at birth it is an issue, it is quickly apparent. This subject can definitely be Googled for more detailed education. My husband has more experience as an Aussie breeder many, many years ago and even then he didn’t encounter it often with Merle on Merle breeding. We will never offer a puppy like that for sale for multiple reasons and work to avoid the issue all together in our breeding program.

          Fun & Smiles,
          CC Heart Cindy 🙂

  2. Hi, I am wondering if the black female aussie is still available? Please contact [contact details removed for privacy]. Thank you!

    1. Howdy Sujin,

      The black bi aussie female “Daddy’s Girl” (Miss Jake 2 per my 5 year old) is my 5 year old’s favorite. She is currently available though many interested and waiting for the updated pictures I added today.

      Fun & Smiles, CC Heart Cindy 🙂

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