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The Great Eight Catahoula Hound Cattle Dog Puppies!

Wow!  They did it again with a beautiful set of puppies.


The first litter was so wonderful, just had to repeat while the old man still can.  Lacey escaped the barn we set up for her to have pups Friday evening, August 1st and we didn’t find her.  We looked again the next morning almost giving up when Angel heard puppy noises!  Lacey had dug a previously started den into the side of a hill across from the goats.  Whew!  We had to dig the opening of the den back to be able to reach in and get them all out.

Here are the puppies, 5 males and 3 females:

UPDATE 9/14/2014, pups @ 6 weeks old:
More pictures added under each pup plus short video for each pup listed under each pup.  Click on any photo to get a larger view. Just keep scrolling till find puppy of interest. 🙂 Also the following videos of Catahoula pups in litter:

UPDATE 8/28/2014:
Videos of pups at 4 weeks:
http://youtu.be/ZvC5AL3ifg8 Video #1
http://youtu.be/m0Bc9Ro8M3U  Video #2
http://youtu.be/ET-beFtb1zw Video #3
http://youtu.be/nFvNVOzGJZ0 Video #4

The Great Eight Catahoula pups

M1 (Male 1) Devin below was ADOPTED going to be a hog dog in West Texas.  Devin is a beautiful shiny striking silver blue.  He has black spots just visible underneath the shiny silver coat and “Tri” copper markings.  His eyes look a light blue due to light colored greenish eyes with blue flecks. *This laid back boy loves to play and then go be a hound and lay down.

http://youtu.be/XllLMR6vokc  M1 Video

M2 (Male 2) Kink below was ADOPTED now home in Louisana.  He is a diluted looking shiny silvery looking blue.  Pale blue with dark spots of varying darkness with light “tri” copper markings.  Just a beautiful sweet face with them blue eyes looking so sweet and gentle at you. I call “Kink” because born with kink in tail.  My daughter calls “Stubs” because banded/docked his tail forward of his kink to prevent tail injury as adult.

http://youtu.be/vLnhKIk1bRo  M2 Video

M3/ and M4 were originally labeled  reversed but I called them in reverse in video so easier rename them here just in backwards number order. 🙂

M4 (Male 4) below named Blue Bonnet Spearman was ADOPTED Cowboy family in Cave Creek, AZ … hmmm, wonder what movie they really like? 🙂
Beautiful patchwork each unique in varying shades of blue, so pay attention on who is who! 🙂  He is the one with the long dark patch on end of tail with white tip.

http://youtu.be/pjTPGbfDs9E  M4 Video

M3 (Male 3) below named Zakerius was ADOPTED  and went North to Alaska! (Can you here me saying that to the John Wayne movie theme song?) 🙂
More beautiful unique patchwork of varying shades of blue and black spots of color.

http://youtu.be/taMLhIi-mv4  M3 Video

M5 (Male 5) below: ADOPTED. Military family with 6 kids Marana, AZ!  He’ll almost feel right at home but all by himself without siblings to share the attention!
Various shades of red with white patchwork. Tiny spots within the white.  Find myself calling him Choco already. 🙂  “Brindling: within his medium red.

http://youtu.be/AJPxadHh3-A  M5 Video

F1 (Female 1) Miss Lacey Lucy below was ADOPTED by young man who actively hikes in Flagstaff, Arizona.  Lucy is Dark Blue with black spots with “tri” cooper markings.  Newborn pictures make look reddish but definitely blue. This girl was the first to come out to play as tiny baby and still loves to play and chew.  She loves to play with everyone. I recently teased she could be called Lucy Lacey.  You may have to say it out loud not thinking about spelling to get it. 🙂

http://youtu.be/1ESZL2cRWsg   F1 Video

F2 (Female 2) Pretty Face below: ADOPTED North to young couple – Flagstaff, AZ.
More patchwork with blue of varying shades.  “Tri” copper markings.  Beautiful face. Looked like eyeliner eyes with one amber/yellow eye and one blue.

http://youtu.be/OkF-Gwa19DU  F2 Video

F3 (Female 3)  Baby Girl Gone Large. ADOPTED gone to sunny Lake Havasu City, AZ. This baby girl is also patchwork of varying shades of blue.  Was smallest in litter when born and grown so much I get her confused coloring wise with the boys.  She is now the biggest female.  Gorgeous marbled blue eyes.

http://youtu.be/cQutNCZrXMU   F3 Video.