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Nine, 9 Puppies! Frosty x Jake Aussie Pups born July 30th, 2015

I had the Count from Sesame Street going through my head as we counted puppies.  Nine! Nine! puppies is what we have available in this litter.  Frosty has never “looked” pregnant for her prior litters with 6-7 each.  This time she looked pregnant so I knew she had to have more or just bigger because her 4th litter.  OH MY what a surprise.

Check out Our Aussie Dogs for more information about Frosty and Jake.  Their pedigree is strong with agility and working dogs that can win.  They love our family (and in Jake’s case the world) and we love them.  We strive for a solid working dog that still make a great addition to the family.  Everyone around here has a job from kids to critters.

We support our puppies and their adopted parents for a lifetime with support in all aspects of loving, training and owning our working dogs even if they are just going to be companions.

Click About – Contact Us and fill out the form to contact us about picking out your precious pup.  As they are reserved and then later adopted and go home, I will mark them on our dog blog.

Scroll all the way down to see everyone and VIDEO updates at the bottom! 🙂  UPDATE 11/24/2015:  Click here for video playlist of pups still available, more pictures and video at the bottom below pictures.

7 Females (4 merles, 3 blacks) and 2 males (1 merle, 1 black).  All but one have Tri markings.  Tri is referring to the cooper points on brows, cheeks, legs and under tail.  Tap on any picture for larger view and scroll back and forth.  These babies are ready to go and LOVE to play.  You should see them with the kids trying to exercise their lambs.


ADOPTED: Blue Merle male – Joey according to the Kids.  He is either a self merle or very minimal tri with two blue eyes.  This boy seems to be the most laid back of the bunch.

ADOPTED (now Bodhi pronounced “bow” “dee”): Black Tri Male – Johnson according to the boys.  I’d been calling him Boom due the the shape I saw on his head when he was born. It looked like a boomerang to me.  My 12 year old boy says he follows him every where and almost as mellow as Joey.


ADOPTED: Blue Merle Tri Female #1  Jackie. This little lady has one blue and one brown eye.  Very early on this little girl was caught crouching down at the nose of the lambs as the lambs stuck their heads through the fence.

ADOPTED: Black Tri Female #1.  Tipper.  Our little escape artist.  Hole in old yard fence were big enough for her to weave her way through and she was persistent.  In yard with hole to small to swirm through now. 🙂

ADOPTED: Blue Merle Tri Female #2. Blu-Blue according to one of the kids.  She has two blue eyes and what I call “eyeliner” eyes.  This girl seems to love my 12 year old son.  When I’m in yard and pups are coming to me to play, if Blu-Blue sees my son she will go to the fenceline where he is at or follow him along the fenceline.  I think she really wants a two-legged buddy to bond with more than her siblings.

ADOPTED: Black Tri Female #2.  This is Rottie (can you guess how she got that name) with her strong tri markings and minimal white.  Stout little girl too.  She loves to play and quickly figured out best way to get petted was to keep all fours on the ground.  She was right behind Samantha on showing her tenacity towards being a more assertive working dog with some “bite”.

ADOPTED (now Tilly): Blue Merle Tri Female #3.  Here is Samantha, also with two blue eyes.  Looks sooo much like her mom, but is solid and heavy so expect to be much bigger than her mom.  She already acts like she will have the working tenacity of her mother too.

ADOPTED: Black Bi Female – Missy.  This black beauty is marked like her Sire with minimal white, just a smidge on nose and tips of toes with chest strip and the rest rich black despite what couple of pictures look like.  Bis have a tendency to be even richer black than the tris.  I happen to love the Black Bis.  This girl was early on in the lead to come out and greet everyone.  A true lover like her sire, Jake. 🙂

ADOPTED (now Topaz): Blue Merle Tri Female #4.  Here is Tabatha with one brow showing copper and again two blue eyes.

Click here for
Photo Shoot 10/11/2015
for these Nine ASCA/AKC Aussie Pups 🙂

Click here for
Aussie Pups at Play 10/20/2015
for litter born 7/30/2015 Frosty x Jake

Click here for the unexpected
How to Lead 8 Aussies Pups all at once 10/25/2015

That is 9 puppies that want to find a place in your heart and home to work, play and love.  🙂


9 thoughts on “Nine, 9 Puppies! Frosty x Jake Aussie Pups born July 30th, 2015”

  1. These babies are adorable! We are interested in 2 of your females and are wondering if Rottie & Samantha are still available? Please contact us. Thank you! Susan & Ron

    1. Howdy Jen,

      To my amazement, yes Samantha and Blu-Blue are the blue merle girls available.

      Fun & Smiles,
      CC Heart Cindy 🙂

  2. I would like to know if tabatha is still available? She is exactly what we are looking for. She is gorgeous!!!
    Where are you located?

    Thank you kindly & looking forward to hearing from you,

    1. Howdy Ronie,

      At this moment Tabitha is available. A breeder out of Colorado called her “eye candy”. We are currently between ranches and located in South Arizona about 45 minutes S of Willcox, AZ.

      Fun & Smiles,
      CC Heart Cindy 🙂

      1. Cindy,

        Thank you so very much for working with us to get our beautiful girlie. She will be spoiled as all pups should be…❤️
        Will keep you updated on her life w/ us & Thor.

        Keep doing a great job??

  3. Hello,

    Lifelong Aussie parent enjoying pics of your latest litter. Great looking dogs and what a great place for a pup (and a kid) to grow up! Would love to know if any of your Blue Merle Tri Females are available? Jackie?

    Thanks for your time,

    1. Howdy Louie,

      Thank you. Just saw your comment on the blog too. We are between ranch jobs and was busy with the “real job” so pups didn’t get advertised till a few days ago. At this very moment your choice of Blue Merle girls are available. I pray your choice is available when you are ready.

      Fun & Smiles,
      CC Heart Cindy 🙂

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