Tenacious 10 Catahoula Puppies born 17th November 2016

Tenacious 10 Beautiful Catahoula Puppies

The old man, Hawkshaw Hawkins, did it again to our amazement.  We are thinking this will be the last though.  We didn’t intentionally start raising Catahoulas till Hawkshaw Hawkins produced his first litter at 13 years old.  The combination of Hawkshaw and Lacey have been amazing and beautiful pups.  When Hawkshaw (or Lacey) are done so is our Catahoula raising.

Lacey has 9 teets and 10 babies.  We have worked hard to keep them all thriving.  We almost lost 2 of the 10 their first night (coldest night we’d had at the time of 15 degrees) but amazingly saved them.

Below is a video to introduce each pup at 1 month old. I got colored collars this time to help even me quickly tell them apart.  Those collars didn’t last long though. 🙂

Video of all 10 pups at 6 weeks old

Video of 8 pups at 2 months old

Still Photos of the litter (6 ladies, 4 gentlemen)

Just click on any photo to get a larger image and ESC key or the X in upper left corner to get back out.  Name and info below each pups photos. Parents photos at end.

Rosebud still available as of 6/4/2017
Here is video of Rosebud at 6 months in with some Aussie pups –> https://youtu.be/iBW7Rhy3XZU

The 6 Ladies first:

AVAILABLE ABOVE: Rosebud (red) –  Our girl Rose named this little black tri girl first.  My two youngest love the black dogs most.  This girl is persistent and typically the last one still holding on during tug-o-war.  Lovely girl with plenty of spunk.

ADOPTED (Couple in Arizona)
(yellow) – This dilute colored tri girl looks charcoal with black specks on her body which can be seen when the light hits her just right.  She has yellow brindle tan markings.

ADOPTED (Young Man in Louisiana)
(purple) This princess is an adorable dilute blue merle/patchwork with copper markings (called tri) and expect plenty of blue in those eyes.  From above, Sophia has the dark charcoal spots on her back compared to Cinderella and of course the purple collar.

ADOPTED (Family in CA)
(blue) Another dilute blue merle/patchwork little princess with tri markings.  I expect to see blue in her eyes too.  The dark color around her left (your right) eye is how I initially could tell Sophia and Cinderella apart.  Look at each closer and see what other differences you can see. 🙂

ADOPTED (Couple in NH)
(orangish tan)  This darling princess is cream and dilute liver patchwork with tri markings and white at the tips of her toes.  She also should have blue in her eyes. The shadow is distorting her body color.  She is same color as her brother Rusty.  My research indicates this is a liver dilute, not red dilute.

ADOPTED (Couple in MA)
(silver)  This cream and silver (dilute black/blue) patchwork girl with tri marking with white on her feet is the biggest of the young ladies.  Again, more blue eyes or at least partial blue eyes.  I called her Toad very early on because she was huge fat just looked like a toad and it stuck (daughter would have named her another princess name).  She is still the biggest girl of the litter despite holding her or Rusty (biggest boy and overall) back when having to share 9 teets with 10 pups.

The 4 Gentlemen please:

ADOPTED  (Couple in Arizona)
(brown) This young fellow has a mostly white face with what appears with be two solid blue eyes.  Oops!  I see blurry face picture.  I’ll have to try that again. 🙂  His body color is dilute red (so pale he looks “dusty” to us) with darker red specks.  He appears he will have two solid blue eyes.

ADOPTED: Rusty (black)  This big boy’s fuzzy coat indicates he is going to have a medium coat like his Papa (Hawkshaw Hawkins).  It still smooth coat in the end but with an undercoat instead of the short short smooth like his mother with no undercoat.  This is a beautiful dilute liver coat (like Pocahontas) with what may be blue eyes or green or yellow dilute colored eyes.  He appears to have a solid colored coat and the white tip on his tail is so cute. Like Pocahontas the shadow distorted his body color.  The in the sun face picture is more accurate coloring. My research indicates this is a double dilute color called Isabella or Lilac.  It is a rare color, so Hawkshaw and Lacey must cross just right that I’ve gotten this “taupe” color and other dilute colors I couldn’t explain till now in each litter.

ADOPTED (Military Family in AZ)
 now called Blue (baby blue but looks silver dirty) –  A beautiful merle/patchwork male with dilute spots and tri markings.  Just amazing markings and again expect at least partial blue eyes.

ADOPTED (Family in ID)
now called Bodine, Bo for short
 (green) – Green because it is my oldest son (still at home) favorite color and Hawk quickly became the family favorite.  He is called Hawk because he is marked soooo much like his Pa, Hawkshaw Hawkins.  I see I didn’t catch his eyes.  We expected brown, but appears he’ll have partial blue eyes too. Eyes turned out to be green with small flecks of blue. This little guy almost didn’t make it and then was tiny and weak competing with 9 other pups and only 9 teets and 10 pups.  He became my project to make sure he got extra care and nourishment.  He turned out gorgeous and caught up in growth and passed some.  It was a chore talking hubby and kids out of keeping this precious little guy Hawk.  I have to admit it tugged at my heart too especially when he was finally going to new home.  Raising great pups can sure be hard. 🙂

Pa (Hawkshaw Hawkins) and Ma (Lacey)

Both these pups came from cattle working dog backgrounds in Arizona.  We acquired Hawkshaw at about a year old from an old cattle rancher in Harquahala, Arizona.   Hawkshaw may have worked cattle but we know he had a nose for pigs too.  One day driving around on the ranch he started going bonkers in the back of the truck and sure enough a  pack a Javalinas starting crossing the road.

We acquired Lacey about 9 weeks old from a young Arizona ranching couple out of Young, AZ.  Lacey definitely has a strong drive for cattle (and other livestock).

I look forward to sharing my family with your family!!

Fun & Smiles, CC Heart Cindy 🙂

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    1. Howdy, Rosebud is available. Our Catahoulas are not registered with NALC. They are multi generation Arizona ranch Catahoulas. 🙂

  1. My name is Allison am interested in your puppies, if you have any from your litter left. Please contact me by phone or email. Thank you.
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