Thanksgiving Day Aussie pups now almost 6 weeks old

Jake and Sassy’s litter is fun, fat and friendly at 5 1/2 weeks old.  The girls were spoken for before birth and quickly reserved.  The boys are quickly drawing attention. Check out the slideshow stills and then some video fun.

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This video is shows the whole crew.  Australian Shepherd working dog puppies starts with 3 of the girls with one black bi male and then moves to the blue merle males with one black bi female.

5 more short puppy playing videos on YouTube channel CC Heart Ranch Australian Shepherds!

Pups and Kids at play

Australian Shepherd pups.  Blue Merle Male at start, Blue Merle Female giving the cutesy head nods. 🙂

Australian Shepherd Pups thirsty after hard play with the kids.  The blue merle males and black bi female taking a drink.

These Australian Shepherd Pups are playing it rough.  These are the girls and they are adorable, lovable and tough.  These beautiful girls were spoken for before they were even born.

Our 7 year old son was playing with the Black Bi Male and these two girls insisted they wanted in on the play.  Our 4 year old wants this beautiful boy.  Our boys really love these pups sire, Fairock CCHeart Jake a triple registered Black Bi Australian Shepherd.

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