The Fantastic 5 Australian Shepherd Puppies born 10/2/2014 – Frosty x “Jack” ASCA/AKC

Looking for the Catahoulas?  See prior post titled The Great Eight Catahoula Hound Cattle Dog Puppies!

Now for our Aussie pups …

Wow! 5 Blue Merle Tris!  Four Females and One Male.  All these pups have exceptional merle tri coloring.

Puppies have been “handled” since birth similar to formal bio sensory training.  Everything and more except q-tip between toes and lots and lots of love.  Currently in training for basic sit  come and follow on lead.  Recently had evaluations from service dog trainer who specializes in Aussies..  Feel free to ask me about the suggested abilities of each pup for a service dog.  They all learn very quickly.  Amazing to see what just one formal session can do.  Our dogs all show strong working dog potential and past have also shown agility potential.  Of course, all have made great loving family pets.

Check out Our Aussie Dogs for details on parents.  Complete the form on our About-Contact Us page and I look forward to seeing your wonderful comments.

Click here for VIDEO taken when Aussie pups barely 1 day old
More video updates below pictures!

WARNING:  “puppies are extremely cute….view with caution”

Pups pictures In birth order

ADOPTED now Charlie (Mike G./family, Anthem, AZ) M1 Jack Frost above.  Just gorgeous Blue Merle Tri male.   We call Sire “Jack” and Dam is named Frosty so his name came easy for just one male pup and looks sooo much like Dad.  He has enormous bone and stout.  He is the mellow fellow of the bunch.  He was accessed by an Aussie service dog trainer to be an excellent service dog candidate.  He patiently sits talking to you waiting to be petted.  Very smart, trains easy.

ADOPTED now Yuma (Lynn P., Family/Working Dog in Kansas): F1 Miss Two Face 2 above.  Kids major Marvel fans. This Blue Merle Tri female has a distinct division of color on her face, wide white blaze and disjointed white collar.  If like her mother and prior “two face” sister, she may have different colored eyes too.   Beautiful.  Very strong hold, working dog drive.  The most exuberant of the bunch.  I’m looking forward to hearing about her working dog adventures.

ADOPTED now Buckboard Hattie (Russ & Nancy A/family companion, Cave Creek, AZ): F2 Ember Abbey above.  Dark Blue Merle Tri female with minimal white like her Dad. Just small amount on chest.  Amazing markings.  This was our 2 1/2 year old girls favorite.  She got plenty of attention from day one.  Thought is was coincidental at first, but hubby saw her digging though puppies to specifically bring out Abbey.  That attention really brought her personality out a week or two ahead of the rest of the puppies.  She’s perfect.

ADOPTED now Scout (Andrew K., Berkeley, CA):  F3 Lilly above.  It was actually supposed to be Tulip (that is what I thought the marking on her neck looked like on her birth night), but when I did video early morning of day 1 “Lilly” came out of my mouth, so Lilly it is. 🙂  She is Blue Merle Tri with irregular white strip from nose to neck and small snip near top of shoulder.  She is so smart and easy to train.  She is the mellowest of the females.  She patiently sits and wait while continually looking at you waiting for her attention.  It took only one training session with treats to get this out of her. Very willing to please.

ADOPTED now Kolbie (Karin, Companion/Agility, Green Valley, NM) F4 Lolley above. Quirt, our 11-year-old son (Frosty’s best buddy and owner) wanted to name one.  He chose name and spelling.  Another exceptional Blue Merle Tri with blaze from nose to forehead.  Lolley is alert and curious of all around her even in new surroundings. Travels well in vehicle, quiet when needs to play and ball of energy playing when time to play.  Lolley is adorable, well socialized, loves attention and guaranteed to work livestock. Took her to the livestock auction for the day and once adjusted to the noise of gates and auctioneer, she intently watched the cattle moving around in he ring.  She is very smart and trains easily. We expect her to mature to about 19″, 40-45 pounds like her mother.

VIDEO UPDATES (will open in separate window):

UPDATE 10/23/2014
Click here for playlist at 3 weeks old
of videos taken of these Aussie pups waking indoors prior to their outdoor life. 🙂

UPDATE 11/6/2014
Click here for playlist at 5 weeks old

Pups are 5 weeks now and little blue butterballs running around the yard .  Today was their first bath.  Weather has been really windy this last past week but everyone anxious for updates so here they are.  Picture updates will be under each pup.  Here are a few videos (best viewed in High Definition).  The pups are identified in most of the videos.

UPDATE 11/13/2014
Click here for playlist at 6 weeks old

Pups are 6 weeks now.  Video #1 picked up each pup to identify and show all over.  Video #2 just pups eating and running around kids.

UPDATE 11/20/2014
Click here for playlist at 7 weeksPups showing their working drive as I drag many attached to my pant legs. 🙂

7 thoughts on “The Fantastic 5 Australian Shepherd Puppies born 10/2/2014 – Frosty x “Jack” ASCA/AKC”

    1. Howdy Jimmers,

      Forgive delay. For some reason still not receiving email notices of comments. Yes Lilly has one full blue eye and the other is multicolored with partial blue. She is available.

      Have a blessed day.

      Fun & Smiles, CC Heart Cindy 🙂

  1. Hello is Jack Frost still available? These puppies are gorgeous and we would love to meet them! Please contact me!

    1. Howdy Amber,

      At this moment Jack Frost is available. 3-4 others interested but haven’t committed. All asking for newer pictures. I am in process of uploading videos and pictures, so updates at 5 weeks old should be available by Friday morning 11/7/2014.

      I look forward to meeting you and your family to meet the puppies and parents.

      Fun & Smiles,
      CC Heart Cindy 🙂

    1. Howdy G.C.

      Thanks for following and your comment on our beautiful pups. My husband is a Marine — “Once a Marine always a Marine”. He has served with these 4 legged heroes. Love your cause in helping our 4 legged heros find homes that understand their needs.

      Fun & Smiles,
      CC Heart Cindy 🙂

  2. These puppies getting plenty of kid hugs and loving already. They are so strong and plump for 3 days old.

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