The Great Eight Catahoula Hound Cattle Dog Puppies!

Wow!  They did it again with a beautiful set of puppies.


The first litter was so wonderful, just had to repeat while the old man still can.  Lacey escaped the barn we set up for her to have pups Friday evening, August 1st and we didn’t find her.  We looked again the next morning almost giving up when Angel heard puppy noises!  Lacey had dug a previously started den into the side of a hill across from the goats.  Whew!  We had to dig the opening of the den back to be able to reach in and get them all out.

Here are the puppies, 5 males and 3 females:

UPDATE 9/14/2014, pups @ 6 weeks old:
More pictures added under each pup plus short video for each pup listed under each pup.  Click on any photo to get a larger view. Just keep scrolling till find puppy of interest. 🙂 Also the following videos of Catahoula pups in litter:

UPDATE 8/28/2014:
Videos of pups at 4 weeks: Video #1  Video #2 Video #3 Video #4

The Great Eight Catahoula pups

M1 (Male 1) Devin below was ADOPTED going to be a hog dog in West Texas.  Devin is a beautiful shiny striking silver blue.  He has black spots just visible underneath the shiny silver coat and “Tri” copper markings.  His eyes look a light blue due to light colored greenish eyes with blue flecks. *This laid back boy loves to play and then go be a hound and lay down.  M1 Video

M2 (Male 2) Kink below was ADOPTED now home in Louisana.  He is a diluted looking shiny silvery looking blue.  Pale blue with dark spots of varying darkness with light “tri” copper markings.  Just a beautiful sweet face with them blue eyes looking so sweet and gentle at you. I call “Kink” because born with kink in tail.  My daughter calls “Stubs” because banded/docked his tail forward of his kink to prevent tail injury as adult.  M2 Video

M3/ and M4 were originally labeled  reversed but I called them in reverse in video so easier rename them here just in backwards number order. 🙂

M4 (Male 4) below named Blue Bonnet Spearman was ADOPTED Cowboy family in Cave Creek, AZ … hmmm, wonder what movie they really like? 🙂
Beautiful patchwork each unique in varying shades of blue, so pay attention on who is who! 🙂  He is the one with the long dark patch on end of tail with white tip.  M4 Video

M3 (Male 3) below named Zakerius was ADOPTED  and went North to Alaska! (Can you here me saying that to the John Wayne movie theme song?) 🙂
More beautiful unique patchwork of varying shades of blue and black spots of color.  M3 Video

M5 (Male 5) below: ADOPTED. Military family with 6 kids Marana, AZ!  He’ll almost feel right at home but all by himself without siblings to share the attention!
Various shades of red with white patchwork. Tiny spots within the white.  Find myself calling him Choco already. 🙂  “Brindling: within his medium red.  M5 Video

F1 (Female 1) Miss Lacey Lucy below was ADOPTED by young man who actively hikes in Flagstaff, Arizona.  Lucy is Dark Blue with black spots with “tri” cooper markings.  Newborn pictures make look reddish but definitely blue. This girl was the first to come out to play as tiny baby and still loves to play and chew.  She loves to play with everyone. I recently teased she could be called Lucy Lacey.  You may have to say it out loud not thinking about spelling to get it. 🙂   F1 Video

F2 (Female 2) Pretty Face below: ADOPTED North to young couple – Flagstaff, AZ.
More patchwork with blue of varying shades.  “Tri” copper markings.  Beautiful face. Looked like eyeliner eyes with one amber/yellow eye and one blue.  F2 Video

F3 (Female 3)  Baby Girl Gone Large. ADOPTED gone to sunny Lake Havasu City, AZ. This baby girl is also patchwork of varying shades of blue.  Was smallest in litter when born and grown so much I get her confused coloring wise with the boys.  She is now the biggest female.  Gorgeous marbled blue eyes.   F3 Video.

24 thoughts on “The Great Eight Catahoula Hound Cattle Dog Puppies!”

  1. I was wondering if any Catahoula pups are still available. I would like to hear about any future breeding as well. I had a merle colored male Catahoula with white eyes that we named Merlin when I was a child. He was by far the smartest and most loyal animal I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. I have often told myself as an adult that I will have another. I believe the time is right and I am looking for either male or female. Thank you!

    1. Howdy Jerry

      I have one beautiful silver blue with tan markings left referred to as M1 Devin. His eyes have a “blue”/white center with green around edges. His eyes are quite striking. Last never means least just the way preferences fall. He is a loving laid back Catahoula Hound. He showed definite spots in his undercoat as a puppy that do not show on his top coat except as smudge marks. He was one of the larger of the pups and would have been one of my picks if I were keeping any pups. I have an video I don’t have listed on website of M1 Devin and a couple other from couple weeks ago at Devin is the biggest of the 3. My usual pet ground shipper (and preferred shipping method when close enough) is Luis & Liz of They are expected my way again in Arizona head East the end of October. They go along the Southern coast sometimes all the way to Florida and up East coast.

      We expect our next Catahoula litter in Spring 2015. If you are interested in M1 Devin or would like to be on waiting list for next litter in Spring, please complete contact form on About – Contact Us page to provide and then receive contact details.

      Fun & Smiles,
      CC Heart Cindy 🙂

    1. Howdy Elinor,

      There are pups still available. For some reason comments not sending me notices, so please use contact form under “About …” page to reply with what you are interested in. Thank you.

      Fun & Smiles,
      CC Heart Cindy 🙂

    1. Howdy Danyelle,

      Forgive delay. For some reason not receiving notices on blog (for sure emails me notice when complete contact form on “About …” page. Ill get figured out and fixed. Several serious interests in F3. Will know after today for sure.

      Fun & Smiles,
      CC Heart Cindy 🙂

  2. I am interested in the females. Are any of them still available? I live close to Marana so could met you at the sale.

    1. Howdy Sue,

      Forgive me. I have to figure out why not receiving notices of comments (filling out contact box under “About …” definitely emails me notice) that I didn’t see till today. I currently for sure have all females at moment. Someone is meeting me at Marana Stockyards today if you want to see a couple pups in person. Will be back next Friday too. Fill out contact box with phone number and we can talk or just show up at Marana Stockyards between 10:30am and 1pm (could be later if sale goes later). Have people in process right now so not sure who’ll be available till after today.

      Fun & Smiles,
      CC Heart Cindy 🙂

      1. Thank you for the reply. Can you let me know before Friday which females are left if any. We can come to Marana Friday but do not want to go down there if they are gone. how old are they now? Do they have good temperaments with small children? We have Grandkids and they live dogs. Thanks so much

        1. Howdy Sue,

          F1 Miss Lacey Lucy female, M1 Deven male and M2 Kink male are available. his litter the boys have been more laid back and the girl more active. They are 9 weeks old now. All our dog have great temperaments and live and play with children from 2-18 (so infants on up our dogs have raised). We have 4 Catahoula working dog males and 1 female. All the boys are very good with the children, three of those would crawl in your lap if you let them to be loved on. Lacey is our 18 year old daughters and Lacey will “talk” and wiggle in joy when given attention then off to do her own thing. I removed your phone number for privacy out of the comment. I will call to discuss your needs and see what we can arrange!

    1. Howdy Tiffany,

      M4 is reserved, others are pending but not definite. Just let me who you are interested. No reserves are final till deposit received.

      Fun & Smiles, CC Heart Cindy 🙂

  3. Hi I’m interested I n your catahoula pups, how and where would I make a deposit if any are still available, I can pick up.
    Thank you- Lucas

    1. Howdy Lucas,

      Where are you located Lucas? The ranch we worked on sold and we have moved back to home base in Southern Arizona. We regularly attend cattle auctions in Willcox, AZ on Thursdays and Marana, AZ (N or Tucson, S of Phoenix) on Fridays when there are cattle sales scheduled. I use Square Cash for free bank to bank payments. I can initiate the transaction when you are ready to commit to simplify the process. Here is link for more information:

      I look forward to hearing from you and exploring which pup would best suit your goals.

      Fun & Smiles,
      CC Heart Cindy 🙂

    1. Howdy Angela,

      M4 is spoken for. Due to personal injury and in middle of move, I was late opening up puppies for reservation. Expect to have updated videos around 6 weeks of age. All doing wonderful, playful and looking beautiful. What looked like big size differences at birth have evened out to only slight size variations. I look forward to hearing from you.

      Fun & Smiles,
      CC Heart Cindy 🙂

  4. Do you have updated pictures of the pups yet? I cannot wait to see them. Have you started taking deposits?

    1. Howdy Melissa,

      I just updated blog today with videos. Pups are 4 weeks today. I sent you private email today with details. I just started taking deposits and I have you on list for first chance to reserve. I look forward to hearing from you again.

      Fun & Smiles,
      CC Heart Cindy 🙂

  5. Hi, my name is Nate Scaggs and I am very interested in either your F2 or F3! Please let me know any more current information regarding this litter! Thank you!

    1. Howdy Nate,

      Forgive my delay. I was in an accident among other life changes for my family. I just added new videos today of pups at 4 weeks. I opened taking deposits today. I will send you private email with details. Females high demand. Fun & Smiles, CC Heart Cindy 🙂

  6. Hello! I am super interested in your M3! If you could please contact me back that would be fantastic!!! =]

    1. Howdy Tania,

      I look forward to hearing from you. I am waiting till pups 3 weeks to take deposits to reserve puppies. You are added to waiting list to be notified when I updated this post with more pictures and videos. Pups will be wide eyed and playing by 3 weeks! Fun & Smiles, CC Heart Cindy 🙂

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